About Us

Welcome to Castillo Roofing

Castillo Roofings is the best in the arena of roofing solutions, we are stepping foot into a completely modern age of design and innovation.
Building a dream home requires every element to be just right. From the initial design to the very final detailing of the paint selection, every new house owner wills the best of the best for their new home. One of the major factors that contribute significantly to your house’s appearance is the roof, so why compromises on that?
Your roofing will have a lot to say about your house. Not only does it aesthetically define the style of your house, but also points how serious you are about giving the maximum protection and security for your home. you can trust us and you will never have to be worried about the roof over your head.

We offer high quality custom roofing solutions to meet any of your specific requirements. Contact us now to get a free estimate!

Why You Choose Us

At Castillo, we believe in delivering the greatest standards and best quality roofing solutions. We have been perfecting the niche of securing the best roofing solution for our customers. From choosing the color and finish of the tiles and shingles inspecting whether the preferred type of tiles and shingles are compatible with the climatic conditions and the overall aesthetics of the house, to manufacturing the tiles and laying them out securely to ensure the best experience for you and for your house.

Our engineers are well experienced and equipped to provide the best possible for the completion of your house. We are successful in customizing our output based on your desire of roofing. Let it be clay, ceramic or shingles traditional or European styles, we can make it work.

  • Certified Engineers
  • Ontime Delivery


  • No Color Fading
    Direct exposure to sunlight and dust particles are the fate of your roof. But for Castillo roof tiles it neither alters their color, nor causes them to fade
  • Highly Durable
  • Environment Friendly
    Castillo roof tiles are infamous for their resistance to Dust, Algae, Fungus and other problems caused due to the environment
  • Easy to Use
    They are lightweighted yet strong and all are urniform and have the Interlocking structer, causing easness in installation and better grip
  • Resist Heat and Sound
    Castillo roof Tiles will impress you in their capacity to resist heat and provides you sound and thermal Insulation.